Internet Finance all in one platform. Insurance, bank credit, agency credit, insurance agency. Technology used is JAVA.

Client: NewAge Date: 2017-04-01 Services: Coding, Hosting, Linux Administration, DataBase, Design, Project Managment

Launch Project

This is an internet platform for finances. The platform is interfaced with banks and finance agencies in Poland. Agents can create credits, get decision from banks, sign documents and finalize the credit. It has many features, tools that help the enduser to have everything in one place. 
 1. Perfect for call centers, have all the logs of actions taken between callcenter and enduser (client).
 2. Interface with cloud for exchange documents with agents
 3. Interface with MobileApp Dreambanking Go for insurance
 4. Connected with NestBank,Tf-Bank,Provident,CrossFinance,ASA insurance
 5. Connection with CEIDG and KRS