CoDeSyS password library finder

Reveals the passwords saved in the lib file of the CoDeSys V2

Client: Brasil Date: 2024 14 Jun Services: CoDeSys PLC coding

Launch Project

The Codesys password library Decoder is a web-based application designed to read and decode hexadecimal values from a .lib file, specifically targeting strings related to "Visualizations" within the file. This project showcases my ability to handle file input/output operations, binary data processing, and user interface design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Key Features:

File Upload: Users can upload a .lib file directly through the web interface.

Search and Extraction: The application searches for the string "Visualizations" within the uploaded file, counts 13 positions after the last letter 's', and extracts subsequent HEX values until a 00 HEX value is encountered.

HEX to Text Conversion: The extracted HEX values are decoded into readable text using a specific XOR key.

User-Friendly Interface: The results, including the extracted HEX values and decoded text, are displayed in a clean and readable format on the webpage.

Technical Details:

HTML and CSS: Structured the webpage and styled it to ensure a clean and user-friendly interface.

JavaScript: Implemented the core logic for reading the file, searching for the target string, extracting and decoding the HEX values, and displaying the results.

File Handling: Utilized JavaScript's FileReader API to read the content of the uploaded .lib file as an ArrayBuffer.

Data Processing: Processed binary data to locate the "Visualizations" string and extract relevant HEX values.

Interactive Elements: Included a file input element to facilitate file uploads and a dynamic result display area.

Challenges Overcome:

Binary Data Processing: Handling and processing binary data within a web browser environment required careful consideration and manipulation of ArrayBuffers and typed arrays.

Real-Time User Interaction: Ensuring that the file upload and processing were smooth and provided immediate feedback to the user.

Outcome: This project demonstrates my ability to build functional, user-friendly web applications that handle complex data processing tasks. It highlights my skills in web development, including front-end design and JavaScript programming, as well as my ability to work with binary data and file I/O operations.

Technologies Used: