Cutter with brushless Schneider motors. PLC Schneider M340

Automation project, made wtih PLC Schneider M340 and Vijeo HMI from Schneider. Network used for connecting PLC and drives is CanOpen. HMI is connected with PLC with ethernet.

Standard functions:
- Manual control of drives and other equipment as lamps/aircylinders.
- All parameters as JOG speed/acc/dec/torque accessable from HMI
- Recipe to save diferent recipes for the operators
- HMI control, separated by roles and users with password
- Troubleshoot from HMI, acive alarms, history of alarms
- Test with product
- Train personnel on board

Industrial Automation, used PLC Schneider M340 with brushless. HMI Vijeo Schneider.

Client: Sebaste Date: Dec 2019 Services: Automation, PLC, HMI,Electrical Drawings